Hi Beautiful people, 

I wanted to share a state of mind that has been helping me during a phase of flux and rapid change. If it helps anyone of you feel a bit more at ease, then it will have served a better purpose than just staying put in my notes folder.

Resistance in any shape or form puts us a odds with the flow of reality. Some of our habits continue to promise so much comfort even when they have a clear track record of working against us. Each and everyone of us is a living, breathing process. Not an fixed entity bounded, fixed or rigid.

With whatever we are working with or on – It really is okay to be a work in progress. What matters is that there is a clear orientation towards a better way of being for the benefit of ourselves and those who come into contact with us. Let's trust the process, and let the score take care of itself.

We are all on a journey of letting go of the masks that we wear. Falsified by confusion and compounding misperceptions. Masks and hats that never really existed. Sustained by a fabricated constructed self, and fortified by projections and distorted perceptions. Let's not hold on too much to the parts of us that no longer serve us.

These fabrications comes at us from all directions and are woven deep into our sense of self. The healthy ones help us, but the unhealthy ones clearly don’t. We could start by being honest with ourselves and really taking the time to get to know our own temperaments.

Habits are inherently neutral, and they tend to be held in place by triggers and relentless repetition. Our sense of delegation and trust needs to improve, and our faith in things unfolding how they should be should always be meditated on and strengthened. Even skeptical minds, adopting a positive mindset will often lead us to a healthier sense of self, one that is taking direction from its own sanity rather than continuously being a victim of whatever is happening.

We should nourish a mindset not tyrannized by fear, grasping or alienation. Time is so precious and we have to dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of our felt experience. One of the most important lessons for me recently has been the learning that mental alchemy lies in transforming pain into expressions of gratitude, love and good energy.

As cheesy as it sounds, leveraging the power of kindness and compassion – especially during time where the heart feels closed – has proven to be the best mental and physical medicine to ailments that wiggle their way into my direct experience. Repetitive expressions of kindness and good will soften the heart and gradually open it up.

Continuing to see the good in people and acting from that inner conviction will help purify us from the inside out. Let's take advantage of any opportunity that help us act less from selfishness and more from love. An open heart with a focused mind is a combination that will help all sentient beings, not just the person working towards this combination.

Continue to work on stillness, be kind too others, and look into nature for guidance and healing.

Let the clouds of uncertainty roll in an roll out. Serenity will eventually come, and when it too decides to go wave it goodbye with a silly sense of humor. We must choose to feel rather than to distract or numb ourselves, we must continue to make a conscious choice to try as much as we can to act from a place of compassion rather than fear or forced separation. 

Life’s problems will never end.

Fears and anxieties will continue to show up at our doorsteps and unexpected highs and lows will continue to flow through this beautiful and incredibly complex experience of being human.

Mystery and magic are very much alive and well – and will make themselves known to minds that get better at turning down the internal chatter. Aim for stillness so we can stop recycling old thoughts and patterns and make room for novelty. 

Regardless of what is happening in our lives. If we stay with the recognition of awareness, smiling with an intention of good will. 

All will be well.

If we see that the seeds of regeneration exist within every moment of change then we can gradually become comfortable with whatever comes our way, and be at ease with whatever passes. 

Even if for the moment things don’t feel that way, they at least will pass. Inherent Goodness is alive and well and is worth adding to with every fibre of our being.
Happy new year fellow beings. 
May you all be happy and free.